Blog Post #4

Nicolas Andreasson,

Master Distributor of Cellements,
Reaches 3 Star Partner Rank

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Nicolas has spent the last 20+ years building a success story in Network Marketing. Joining the John C Maxwell Certified Coach Program a few years ago was the turning point for Nicolas.

Nobody can teach a new person how to do this until they have learnt it themselves first. No matter what level of success you have previously reached outside of Direct Sales – the Network Marketing industry got something to offer to you.

Nicolas himself comes with over 20 years of experience in a successful construction company selling and installing exclusive granite and marble solutions in Michigan.

Speaking 5 languages (Swedish, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, & English) fluently and loving Network Marketing, Nicolas stays busy these days just answering calls from people that heard about his new opportunity.

Nicolas joined immediately when the company was launched in November last year, simply on the basis of who was involved in the company. When he excitedly unpacked his Start Pack, he realised that this was something totally different from what he had ever seen in the industry.  A conveniently packaged, alcohol-free hand sanitizer in a pocket spray format, in the same size as a credit card.

Nicholas started to use the product and was stopped and asked all the time: “What is that?”. That made him realise that this is something each and everyone could sell.

“If you can spray, you can sell” he says and proceeds to show how he cleans his hands in bars, in restaurants or on the plane.
Traditional, alcohol-based products smell a lot, evaporate fast, are a possible fire danger, have the potential to be abused and also dry out the skin. But worst of all; they weaken our immune system by penetrating and solving our natural skin moisture barrier. BioPocket Screen &; Hand Spray is designed to be a topical protection and not to penetrate our skin, giving us a long-lasting effect protecting our immune system.

Swedish, innovative, bio-science with bio-chemist Philip Wilhelmsson as the head of R&D, this is already a recognised formula in the field of professionals. Now exclusively available for Cellements’ Partners.

Statistics show that 7 out of 10 people bring their cell phone or iPad with them to the bathroom and not cleaning their devices. Scientists have therefore seen that the studies show that our phones carry more that 10 times the amount of bacteria compared to our toilet seat!  With an innovative app called BioPocket, people are reminded to clean their best friend – their mobile device – every day and at the same time play the fun and family-friendly GERMS GAME.

Why did you join Cellements? 
I joined the company simply based on the trust I have in the people in charge as I know that they have previously already created multiple million dollar cheques as distributors.

What do you think is unique with Cellements?
The most unique thing I have seen so far is how many people ask me what I do spraying my hands – it is the perfect conversational starter! And since I like to talk, which for me is one of the keys to success, it’s the perfect way to share product too.

What do you like the most about Cellements? 
The product and the Compensation Plan are all great, but the best thing is the energy and passion by which this company is getting built with.

What is your key to success?
Be coachable. Don’t become the type of coach that is teaching the things he did not do himself. Become the “Real Deal”.

What is your next goal? 
I always aim high and at the moment I’m working with those that are tired of running around in circles. That is why I’ve named it The Last Run Club and if they join me now, I’ll be very happy. If they decide not to join me, that’s ok, I just want to let them know what I’ll be focusing on for the next few years. I just want to avoid for them to come back to me later and say: You should have told me…

Nicolas Andreasson, Master Distributor Cellements
Phone: +1 (248) 760-3241