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MORE AND MORE GYMS ARE BACTERIA BOMBS: New study finds intestinal bacteria on treadmill and exercise mats. Norwegian TV channel, TV 2 has checked the cleaning standards at Norwegian gyms, and the result is disappointing. “This is serious,” says an epidemiologist.
One in three Norwegian adults is a member of a fitness center, and every week a bucket load of sweat is added. Where there is moisture, bacteria will thrive and TV 2’s study reveals bacteria you do not wish to encounter.

Bowel bacteria on exercise mat
We have checked the hygiene standards of three fitness centers: SATS ELIXIA, EVO Fitness and Fresh Fitness. At all three chains we find bowel bacteria on the exercise mat. The bacteria have been spread there either via dirty hands, or by the buttocks. “Around the rectum opening, on the thighs and the seat we often have intestinal bacteria on the skin. They will be able to leak through, especially if you get sweaty“ explains the infectious surgeon at Oslo University Hospital, Egil Lingaas. He has analyzed the samples TV 2 has taken. At EVO Fitness there are also intestinal bacteria where you keep your hands on the treadmill. If you are unlucky and get the intestinal bacteria in the mouth, it can lead to diarrhea and if it gets into the intestine, it can cause urinary tract infections.

Yellow staphylococcus
The study also reveals another common, yet scary bacterium, namely yellow staphylococci. This bacteria is the main cause of skin infections, and usually comes into the body via a wound. At EVO Fitness, yellow staphylococci are both on a weight bar, exercise mat and a strengthening device for the arms. At Fresh Fitness we find the same bacteria on a manual and a kettle bell. One dirty hand is enough to contaminate a device with bacteria, but Lingaas nevertheless believes that this indicates poor hygiene. “In such places, you really expect it to be clean,” he points out.

Hadn’t been washed in a month
The restrooms in the centers have also been investigated. A special cream that is only visible in ultra-violet light, was applied to several commonly used touch points in the bathroom. A month later, the UV light shows a lot of cream residue, especially on the side of the flusher and on the soap dispenser. At SATS ELIXIA, one of the light switches wasn’t cleaned for that whole month. “Here it’s obviously not cleaned as it should be,” said Egil Lingaas to TV 2. He thinks it’s serious because toilets are places where bacteria and viruses are exchanged.

Dirty shower floor
The shower floors in the changing rooms have been examined with an apparatus that measures the amount of micro-organisms, and also here there are disappointing results: The most unclean measurement was done off the shower floor in the girls’ changing room at the ELIXIA Ryen. The device shows 646,271, which indicates a lot of micro-organisms on the floor. “This is not clean,” said Lingaas. Also at Fresh Fitness and EVO Fitness we gained values ​​over 100,000. The limit for a clean floor is only 1,000.

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